kenbro chicken ventures

making poultry farming an entrepreneurial activity'

About Us

we are kenbro breeders, who breed the original kenbro breed. we sell chicks and advise our clients on how to rare them.we provide you  as a customer with enough education to take you through the farming process without alot of constrains. we also do a follow up with our customers to know how they are progressing. we also provide good and healthy feeds. we do massive poultry networking and also farming were we have ducks and ducklings, turkey, goose,  kienyenji chicken and chicks, doves and hence forth. we are based in kawangware and have a plant in kikuyu.we deliver on a fare price.

More Information

we are community integrated and serve people against all barriers. we open up to consumers thought of how we can improve business. we believe in God.

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Phone: 0729296694